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Reboots on Sep/Fri/29

Published: 15/09/2017

Starting at 9PM on Friday 29th September, all servers will be rebooted, we expect around 20 minutes outtage per sever. This allows us to get new kernels in place and clear any memory leaks. No further patching will be done at this time, so we don't forsee any problems.

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We have rebooted cloud6, but there are further issues

Published: 12/08/2017

We have rebooted cloud6 to alleviate an issue, however, we are having database problems. We are actively working on the issues.

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Emergency Reboot

Published: 30/07/2017

An Emergency reboot is happening to reset the R1Soft backups. Estimate 15-20 minutes outtage.

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Late Fees Scrapped & Suspensions Changed

Published: 16/04/2017

We've scrapped the Late Fees that are applied if you have not paid for renewal by the end of business on the 1st of the month. However, please note, that instead of the Late Fee we have moved that Suspension date forward to the 2nd of the month. So if you have not renewed your service on the 1st, ...

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